My name is Tanye Joyner  and I've been a stylist  since  highschool doing my firends and family memebers out of  my home. In 2011 I attend LA Trade Tech in Los Angeles. and since 2012 I have been a licensed cosmetologist. When I graduated I got my first job at  THE WEAVE SEEN in Los Angeles. While working at The Weave Seen I picked up a second part-time job at other salon .  I assisted Terry Hunt who was on the tv salon Lahair for a few months, After that I worked for a salon called 729 beauty in Los Angeles as an  assistant to the stylist there . Since then, I have worked at a salon called Sadou hair artistry  in Los Angeles and I assisted the owner, Sadou Brown. Who is well know in the hair business. I also assisted Kim Berry who was the singer Prince's hair stylist. I assisted  some heavy hitters in the hair industry now its time for me to show my talent.